In my portfolio, there are four pages in my portfolio. The first page which is this one. It has a little about me and sharing my hobbies and my dream job. Second page is my projects. Get free to see all my code sources and you can download any project. All easy to download and each one has it's own below the border of each project. Third page is my story. It contains more about me and how I got here and some about my struggles in my studies and also in my personal life. Then it comes the fourth page which is my contact information and my social media. Here you go, this is my portfolio.

About me,

My name is Omar Alareeki. I started my software practicing since 2014. I started off with taking Java classes in City college of San Francisco. I found the Back-end is not my interest. I am more interested in working on designing which is the front face of clients. Most of my web work consists of HTML, Css, and JavaScript. One of the missions I always peruse, learning new coding tools is a non-stop path of my own. Therefore, coding is a path filled with passion,enthusiasm, and energy. I am more than happy to start with any company small or big, as long as I feel I am learning everyday. I believe everyday can be a new lesson for another day.

Interests and hobbies:

My dream job:

It might be not the popular scenario of most people, but I would like to find a job in a company that has its great morals of the business. I love the Bay area and would like to work around the bay. If the chance of comes from outside the Bay area, still going to consider it too. I do not fear the less of opportunity for me. Coding is a love with passion. Never underestimate this love huhuhuhuh, just kidding!

Goals set for future:

After being able to utilizes the tools that I learned as HTML, CSS, bootstrap, JQuery and JS, I had the concept of studying React. Since React has so much to ofer such as interacting directly with the server. Aiming to finish my self-studying for React is very soon;however, the process is still on. React is not the only tool that I am willing to learn. For the future, the Web tools are improving almost every year. I am one of the applicants who have the interest to learn more of those updated tools for Web. In case, the company I work for lacking in a specific area in the web, I am willing to be the first candidate for that mission.

* Sources that I refer and rely on:

MDN web docs

* Fields and tools that I have learned and practiced :


* Projects for the future:

Selling Products.
Memory Game