Welcome to my projects page.

All projetcs shown the languages and tools that were used to accomplish them.

HTML, Css, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap

- All my projects are downloadable the second you click on the links below:

Project references Date of completion Built with
Nile Cafe hookah bar Jun 25,2017 HTML,CSS,Bootstrap
Boss Security Co Jul 2,2017 HTML,CSS
Responsive HTML page Sep 23,2017 HTML,CSS
Adjustable square features Dec 31,2017 HTML,CSS,JS
Object manipulation by JS,JQuery Oct 4,2017 HTML,CSS,JS,jQuery
Wall Game Dec 14,2017 HTML,CSS,JS,jQuery
Generating Serial Number Sep 23,2017 HTML,CSS,JS
Creating a count down. Dec 31,2017 HTML,CSS,JS
Creating a watch. Oct 4,2017 HTML,CSS,JS
creating a to-do-list Dec 14,2017 HTML,CSS,JS
creating a currency Calculator Dec 14,2017 HTML,CSS,JS
Identity Checker.(Just for fun) Dec 14,2017 HTML,CSS,JS

Projects: Why was built, how it was built in brief.

^ Nile cafe website

I have built this project for a small business in the neighborhood of the downtown, San Francisco.

Boss Security

The project was built for practice. It is as for an event that is happening and the boss security is in a need of employees. The project shows what is the event is all about. Also, the form in the last page shows the form of contact.

Responsive website

This project is focusing on the concept of responsive web pages. The project is readable in all devices such as mobile, table, desktop or laptop. By using media queries and HTML containers

JS adjustable square

This project is mostly JavaScript on HTML page. The element that is being adjusted is a square. The square is adjustable by many features. Such as the color of the square, the width, the height, and the radius. The square is controlled by the JavaScript program. It was built for practice.

Wall game

First, giving credit to W3SCHOOLS.COM. The original project was very different for the project I am presenting. The project has so many modifications. The new version is a lot better in my opinion. It has modifications that made the game more interesting, looks better, and more challenging!!

Generating Serial Number

I have built this project for practice. The project is mostly built on JavaScript and HTML. It generates a serial random number which could be used in many cases for numeric randomness.

Creating a count down

The project was built for practice. It has a count down which can be plugged in a project that has time restrictions. Ex, if the count down Zero, then the intended action will be executed.

Creating an auto-watch

This project is focusing in the concept of how to build an auto watch in the website and being able to use HTML, CSS to manipulate the position of the watch.

Creating a to-do-list

This projct is mostly JavaScript on html page. The list is active to be posted in the page immediately. The list can be used as clients info for a purchase, or can be used to list items that a client has put in purchasing cart. It was built for practice.

Creating a Currency Calc

This project is to come up with the total of amount of Dollars in seven different currencies. It has the ability to show you how much of dollars worth other currencies such as YEN, Canadian Dollars and more.

Identity Checker

The project is an identity checker: however; it can not be accurate % 100 but it can tell you some about your personality based on the questions the program is built with. It is absolutely for fun use. The project is built for absolute practice for the JavaScript basics such as if statement,switch statements etc.