Anyone can reach his or her dreams by dedication, passion and knowledge!!

Throughout the time I had to peruse my studies, I have had to work several different kind of jobs to support myself. The list below consists of jobs that not related to my coding path. However, I thought it is nice to represent the factors of getting me here in my life.

  1. A Janitor and as a construction worker for 3 months in my college days.
  2. worked as mini store manager for a year.
  3. worked as an Uber driver in San Francisco for 3.5 year.
  4. A Caviar courier for over a year.2016-2017ish.
  5. A postmate courier for over six months
  6. A grubhub courier for over half year.
  7. A driver with Lyft for 3 years.
  8. Worked as an amazon courier for over a half year.

Detailed :

I worked as janitor when I was going to City College. It was one of the options that I only had to support myself in college. It did really help a lot; however, it was a bit as a hustle because I was enrolled full-time student. Most of the time, I had almost no time for me to relax. I quit this job after 8 months and started looking for another job. The reason I left that janitor job is I did not like the time tightness with my study. I got lucky after by being hired in a mini-supermarkert.

I started off as a shelf filler of groceries. I worked my way up till the owner got comfortable with my experience in the store, he assigned me to manage the store. I liked the idea of managing and I loved it. I worked there for almost a year and did not leave until I got comfortable with another job.

My next job was driving for Uber and still up to today. The moment I knew about Uber, I went to there office and applied for a job. Since then, I loved and still love driving around the city and enjoy every little interesting thing in the city.

I liked the idea that I did have the chance to talk to people in my car. It was the open gateway for me to know people work in tech. I still drive for Uber occasionally to have some fun. After having tried Uber for a while, I wanted to experience something new, delivering food. I started off with Caviar and it was fun.

It was interesting seeing the community just getting their food by requesting from their phone all the way to their step door. I liked it and I liked to serve people food and seeing them happy getting their food. I didn't just deliver for Caviar, I did also for postmate and grubhub.

The reason I switched to different companies, is to see the differences of the three companies and which one is easy to operate with. It was like having open options. Lastly, I wanted to deliver packages for Amazon. The experience was more interesting too. Customers were right on the step door willing to get their packages the moment they arrive. It was quit interesting to me because I felt like I was working for the post office.

Lastly, there were some obstacles in learning coding. One of them is JavaScript and how to utilize most of what it offers. In programming it's comment JavaScript is one of the hardest tools. Thinking how to connect different elements and manipulating them is another obstacle. After practicing and spending more time creating applications in JS, it opens a lot of ideas and concepts of overall ideas i learned before.